Newly Restructured Bachelor of Social Work Program

This year, along with the introduction of a one-year Master in Social Work, we have restructured our Bachelor of Social Work degree program whereby students may apply to the program after their second year of a Bachelor of Arts


The Bachelor of Social Work four-year degree provides students with the theoretical knowledge and skills they will need to work with individuals, families, and communities. A general liberal arts education in the first two years, followed by a professional social work education (courses and field placements) in the final two years, provides the knowledge and skills for generalist social work practice. 


The social work courses examine critical social work theory, anti-oppressive social work practice, group work, mental health issues, addiction, child welfare, trauma, family law, and research methods. The field practicums supplement these courses, with one focusing on social action at the community/organization level and a second in a clinical setting with local social agencies. Both practicums are supported by experienced field instructors.  



  1. A minimum of 60 credit hours in liberal arts with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or a minimum GPA of 3.0 on the most recent 30 credit hours. 

  2. A minimum grade of “B” in SCWK 2013 – Introduction to Social Welfare and a minimum grade of “B” in SCWK 2023 – Introduction to Social Work. Please note: Students without the mandatory social work courses will be required to participate in an interview process weighted at 30% replacing the weight given to the grades of two mandatory courses. 

  3. A critical awareness of the interaction among the individual and the social, political, and economic aspects of society and a demonstrated recognition that for structural social workers the main focus for change is the structure of society rather than the individual.  

  4. Evidence of familiarity and commitment to the profession of social work, as well as the capacity to learn from experience.   

The application deadline is April 30.  


Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for answers to some common questions about this program. 

To learn more, please see Bachelor of Social Work - St Thomas University or contact Dr. Marilyn Dupré, Director, School of Social Work, directly at