Submissions Due April 14 for Creative Writing Prizes

Creative Writing Prizes

Deadline: Noon, Wednesday April 14 
Eligibility: St. Thomas University student


Richards Prize in Prose  

Submissions of short fiction, novel excerpt, or creative non-fiction—up to 2,000 words  

Prize is $500  

David Velensky Prize in Creative Writing  

Submissions in all genres invited – maximum 5 pages, double spaced  

Prize is $500  

Robert Clayton Casto Prize in Poetry  

Submissions of poetry invited – up to 3 poems  

and a total submission of 5 pages or less  

Prize is $500  


How to Enter  

Please do not put any author identification on the submission pages.  

Your cover email must include: 

  • your name and contact information  
  • name of the piece(s) submitted 

You don’t need to specify which award you are entering: the adjudicators will determine that.  


Deadline: Noon, Wednesday April 14, 2021

Format: Entries for all prizes should be submitted as .doc or .pdfs 

Location: Submit entries to Dr. Kathleen McConnell via Teams or email  

(Work submitted elsewhere may not be considered.) 


Winners will be announced on