STU + RBC Internship Scholarship Opportunity

Photo of a student working at an internship, laptop, pen

STU Experiential Learning is happy to share that this summer we are launching STU x RBC Internship Scholarship program. This is a new internships program funded by RBC’s Future Launch initiative for the next two years.

This new program allows students to propose their own placement with an employer of their preference anywhere in Atlantic Canada (NB, NS, PEI) for 14 weeks during the summer. The focus of this program is to provide opportunities through the establishment of relationships, often in rural areas, for these students to participate in relevant internships leading to long-term employment opportunities after graduation. It is also meant to allow students to take an active leadership role in creating their desired internship placement, drafting a detailed proposal of the work they would like to complete. This enables students to expand their horizons by venturing to complete an internship placement beyond Fredericton city limits, thus increasing their network.

Students will get the chance to submit a proposal using our online form including details about the position they would like to fill, projects they would like to work on during the internship, and where they would like to complete this internship.

There are four spots open, making this a highly competitive program. Students whose proposals get approved by our office will win a $9,000 scholarship to cover the full wages of their internship for the summer, as well as costs of accommodation.

All Bachelor of Arts students are welcome to apply and compete for these scholarships. However, preference will be given to upper-year students. Graduating students who will be going into graduate school in the Fall are eligible to apply for this internship scholarship.

To participate, students must submit their proposals by March 1st at 11:59PM. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee approval of the proposed placement. All proposals are subject to approval from Experiential Learning Office. If selected, they will receive confirmation.

For questions about this program, please contact Ale Navas, Internships Coordinator, at or book a meeting to learn more!