STUdent Sydona Chandon’s Photography Featured in Art Exhibition Celebrating Black History Month

Student Sydona Chandon posed in front of one of her artworks at gallery exhibit opening

Fourth-year student, artist, and entrepreneur Sydona Chandon from Jamaica has four photographs featured in Gallery on Queen’s new exhibition, DiasporART: Self Actualization.

“I am overjoyed, and really honoured to have my work featured at the gallery, and to see it in the windows makes me even more humbled,” Chandon said. 

The inaugural exhibit, which is hosted in partnership with the New Brunswick Black Artists Alliance, features the work of eight artists and celebrates Black identity in New Brunswick.  

Chandon’s work in the gallery was inspired by an idea she had to create a set of images on the theme of Black liberation and the empowerment of Black women through challenging societal beauty standards. 

“I found living in a predominantly white community like Fredericton, that often Black women are not highlighted for their beautiful features or given much opportunity to be showcased as the queens they are. I decided to portray this through the crowning of these women in many different shades within their natural state of beauty,” Chandon said. 

Chandon began practicing photography six years ago while living in Jamaica. She said she was interested in challenging misconceptions, and that her work often comes from a philosophical or conceptual perspective. 

“I recognized that creating a picture could tear constructs apart or shed light on issues we often face today, which could bring about change of some sort,” she said. 

“There is a joy that I receive from story-telling through images because it gives me a medium of expression and allows me to put my vision into a physical form so that I can share my views with others.” 

Chandon said she is grateful to the New Brunswick Black Artists Alliance for allowing her to showcase her work, and to fellow artist and alliance member Gary Weekes, also featured in the exhibit, for being a role model for Black artists in Fredericton. 

Chandon’s work, and the work of other Black artists in New Brunswick included in the exhibit, can be viewed at Gallery on Queen from February 18 to March 5.