Accepting Applications for Summer 2024 STU Internship Program

Student intern on laptop at internship office

The revamped and innovative format of the STU Summer Internship Program allows students to take the lead and be proactive in their summer internship search.


Students will be required to do some research and pitch a proposed internship placement outlining where they'd like to work (non-profit organizations and small businesses across New Brunswick are eligible), what their dream internship title is, what that role entails and how it connects to the organization/company's larger role in the community.


A ‘create-your-own' internship program! 

How it Works 


  1. Fill out this application form by midnight on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. 
  2. Write a letter explaining the details of your proposed internship (what, where, when, why, how?). 
  3. Upload your most up-to-date resume showcasing how you are the ideal candidate for the position you're pitching. 
  4. Submitting a proposal doesn't guarantee you a spot in the program. Our staff will review the applications and let you know whether you've been admitted or not. 
    • Students selected to form part of the Summer 2024 Cohort must agree to: 
    • Attend a mandatory bootcamp-style training to prepare you for the placement. 
    • Be available for a full-time internship placement for 14 weeks in the summer.
  5. Complete mandatory reflection entries, surveys, and attend meetings/events as required by the Experiential Learning Programs Coordinator. 
  6. You may choose to book an appointment with Ale to ask for advice/feedback on your application material before submitting it. To do so, please use this link. 


What does the summer internship look like? 


  • Mandatory training prior to the start of the internship
  • 35 hours per week
  • $17 per hour
  • 14 weeks between May-August 

Eligibility Details 


  • Employers must be non-profit organizations or private businesses in New Brunswick. 
  • A paid internship should not replace an existing internship, job, or volunteer position in the organization/business. 
  • A paid internship through STU must not replace a course-based internship. 
  • Students may submit an internship proposal after completing at least 1 year of university studies. Note: preference will be given to upper year students.  
  • You must be in good academic standing (as per our Academic Calendar) prior to, and during your placement. 
  • This is only open to Bachelor of Arts students returning in the Fall 2024 semester. 
  • Preference will be given to businesses and/or organizations whose work is within any of the following categories:
    • Health/allied to health, Forestry, IT, Education, Food Production, and Construction/Housing (Residential).
  • Students’ internship proposals will also be assessed for:
    • Uniqueness of the proposed placement.
    • Clarity in writing style and demonstrated ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple manner.
    • Connection to the Liberal Arts and strong understanding of the value of transferable skills.
    • Proposed placement must illustrate a creative and innovative way to combine academic learning & experiential education.  


Sample Placements  


Don’t know where to start your search? Feel free to check out some internship placements that students have completed in previous term for inspiration for your application: 


  • And so much more!