“An Academically Enriching Experience” — STU’s 20th Annual Student Research and Ideas Fair

Male student presenter standing in classroom sharing findings to peers and professor

St. Thomas University’s 20th Annual Student Research and Ideas Fair featured over 40 student presenters showcasing their work across a wide range of academic disciplines. 


The annual fair provides an opportunity for students to develop an in-depth understanding of a research topic under the guidance of a faculty mentor and then share their findings with their peers and the wider community.   


"When I first arrived at STU, I immediately recognized the deep commitment to liberal education embedded in our mission and everyday practices,” said President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Nauman Farooqi. “Faculty, staff, and students all value broad and deep knowledge, inquisitiveness, critical thinking, and moral judgment. We also share a commitment to clear communication and applying our knowledge to fundamental questions about humanity and the challenges of the 21st century.” 


Three student presenters shared their perspectives on the benefits of the Research and Ideas Fair. 


Male Student presenter SRIF 2024

RYAN MARTIN | Third-Year English STUdent,  

Topic: “Their Shade Was Good:” The Tension of the Forest in The Epic of Gilgamesh 


"I had an enriching experience discussing topics I'm passionate about with peers, both familiar and new. Outside of class, you don’t often get to see people gather like this,” said Martin. 



“Dr. Andrea Schutz is simply the best professor and consistently incredible. After I took her class last semester, I wanted to focus on a subject I was interested in. As my faculty mentor, she provided invaluable support and guidance,” he said.  


Martin encourages STUdents to embrace opportunities to explore and share their passions. 


“Honestly, it's not as daunting as you might think. If you have the chance, don't hesitate, especially to research and share a topic you're passionate about.” 


Female student presenter at SRIF 2024 poster presentationMERCEDES ORTIZ | Fourth-year International Relations STUdent 

Topic: Limitations for a Successful R2P Implementation 


This was Ortiz’s second time presenting at the Research Fair. She believes this is a great way to prepare for graduate school, which she plans to pursue. 


"The Research Fair is an opportunity to practice your thesis defense, make it understandable, not just to others, but also to yourself. And it's very exciting to also share it with other students," she said. 


Support from her faculty mentor, Dr. Shuan Narine, has been instrumental in developing her thesis. 


"He's helped me shape my thesis and think about other things that I would not have thought about." 


Female student presenter at SRIF 2024 poster presentationMARION GOVEDNIK | Third-Year Political Science STUdent 

Topic: AUKUS and Gramscianism: Analyzing Consent and Coercion in the Indo-Pacific Region 

Govednik appreciated the networking opportunities the Fair provided within STU's close-knit community. 


“STU is so small and so cool with the ability that it allows you to do events like this. I've talked to  my professors, even though I see them in class all the time. They asked me questions about my work because they are genuinely interested in what I am studying,” she said.  


Her advice to STUdents is simple. 


“Just do it! What do you have to lose?  


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