Aquinas: Great Books Program

The team-teaching approach in Aquinas means your professors are able to draw connections between courses. You might study the civil rights movement in your political science course while reading great works of African American literature in your English course; or you might study Greek tragedy alongside Greek philosophy. Aquinas sections are typically made up of 25-30 students — a good size for class discussion. It’s not uncommon for Aquinas classes to have two or three professors in the room at the same time. Professors work hard to foster a close-knit learning community where students have ample opportunities to participate and share ideas with their peers.


All three courses that make up an Aquinas section take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. First-year students registering for Aquinas should also register for two other courses (ideally on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday).




Great Books
(Focuses on the history of ideas, and classic texts ancient and modern)

Students interested in this section must register for all three courses:

AQGB- PO 1006 (Political Science)

AQGB- PH 1006 (Philosophy)

AQGB- EN 1006 (English)


Great Books and Human Rights

(Social justice, freedom, and the relationship between truth and politics)

Students interested in this section must register for all three courses:

AQGH- PO 1006 (Political Science)

AQGJ- JOUR 1006 (Journalism)

AQGH- HR 1006 (Human Rights)


Laura Rea
First-year student
Huntsville, ON

“Aquinas was definitely my favourite class of first year and one of my favourite experiences overall. If you have an interest in reading, thinking, and discussion this will be an incredible class for you.”

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