How to Give

Your Generosity is valued at STU

Establish a Student Scholarship, Award, Prize or Bursary

Everyone wins when students receive financial support. There are several ways you can support deserving undergraduate students through scholarships, awards, prize and bursaries. You may wish to establish a named award to recognize the life and accomplishments of a friend, mentor, or family member. Putting your own name on an award is an excellent way to demonstrate the value you place on postsecondary education. You can create an annually funded award for as little as $500 a year for five years, or create and endowed award that will support an annual award in perpetuity. To learn more about establishing student awards please contact us.

Legacy Giving

A planned gift is a charitable donation arranged during your lifetime, leaving some or all of your estate to St. Thomas University in the future. This gift can be made with a specific purpose in mind, and tailored to suit your particular interests and preferences.

Leaving a gift in your will won’t affect your current lifestyle, and, with careful financial planning, that gift can often be larger than might otherwise be possible. By making a planned gift to the St Thomas University, you can help our students reach their greatest potential, and grow the University’s impact both locally and internationally. Your legacy gift is an investment in our future, and the confidence it represents inspires our best efforts. To learn more about leaving a legacy gift that keeps on giving, please contact us.

Event Sponsorship

At STU we host several events to benefit our students. Whether it is a golf tournament, dinner, lecture or distinguished speaker series there may be an opportunity for your business to gain exposure and support our students in one fell swoop. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

Tribute Giving

Memorial contributions are often a comforting way to pay tribute to the memory of a friend, associate, or loved one who has passed away. Making a contribution in honour of an individual is likewise an appropriate expression of appreciation. Contributions made in memory or in honour of individuals may be directed as you wish; to students through the establishment of an award, or to a specific department or programme at STU. To learn more about making a tribute gift, please contact us.

Faculty & Staff Giving

Over the years, the faculty and staff of our University have donated overwhelmingly towards bursaries, athletics, scholarships, and the overall student experience. Many of these gifts are given bi-weekly through payroll deduction. This kind of support not only allows us to provide for our students in ways that we could not achieve otherwise, but it also sets the pace for success for all of STU's fundraising initiatives.

Faculty and staff giving sets an important example for our internal and external communities by demonstrating that we believe in the mission of our university, the importance of higher education and the student experience. In doing so, this encourages increased support from businesses, alumni and friends of STU.