Members on Committee

Senate Standing Committees 2018-19

Academic Planning Committee:

Dr. James Gilbert-Walsh (Chair) (2020)

Prof. Philip Lee (2021)

Dr. Andrea Schutz (2021)


Admissions and Academic Standing:

Dr. Shaun Narine (Chair) (2020)  

Dr. Marilyn Dupré (2020)

Dr. Karla O'Regan (2021)

Ms. Karen Preston (or designate), ex- officio

Ms. Michelle Monahan (or designate), ex- officio


Appointments to Academic Staff:

Dr. Michael Boudreau (Chair) (2020)                      

Dr. Linda Caissie (2020)

Dr. Fikru Gebrekidan (2020)  

Dr. Colm Kelly (2021)


Campus Planning Committee:

Dr. Mihailo Perunovic (2020)

Dr. Derek Simon (2020)

Dr. Andrew Secord (2021)

Dr. Shaunda Wood (2021)


Curriculum Committee:

Dr. Andrew Moore (Chair) (2021)
Dr. Fariba Solati (2020)

Dr. Robin Whittaker (2020) 

Dr. Susan Machum (ex officio)

Ms. Karen Preston (ex officio)



External Review Coordinating Committee:

Dr. Shaunda Wood (2020)

Dr. Colm Kelly (2020)

Dr. Dawne Clarke (2020)

Dr. Luc Walhain (2020)

Dr. André Loiselle, (Chair, ex officio)   

Dr. Susan Machum, (Chair, ex officio)          


Learning and Teaching Development:

Dr. Brad Cross (2020) LTD Officer (Chair)

Dr. Matte Robinson (2020)

Dr.  Sandra Thomson (2020)

Dr. Amanda DiPaolo (2021)


Research Committee:

Dr. Tyler Bancroft (2020)

Dr. Michael Boudreau (2020)

Dr. Marcea Ingersoll (2020)

Dr. Fariba Solati (2020)

Dr. Mary Lou Babineau (2021)

Dr. Dawne Clarke (2021)

Dr. Michael Dawson (Chair, ex officio)  



Dr. Dev Gupta (2020)

Dr. Shaun Narine (2021)

Dr. Marcea Ingersoll (2021)

Dr. Kim Fenwick (Chair, ex officio)  


Student Academic Grievance:

Dr. Scott Stapleford (Dec. 2019) (Chair)

Dr. Jean-Philippe Ranger (2020)

Dr. Tom Bateman (2021)

Ms. Karen Preston (ex officio)


International Education Committee:

Dr.  Michael Boudreau (2020)

Dr. Dr. Clive Baldwin (2021)

Dr. Andrew Secord (2021)

Dr. André Loiselle, (Chair, ex officio)  

Ms. Michelle Monahan, (ex officio)

Ms. Karen Preston, (ex officio)


Senate Committee on Reconciliation (SCR)

Dr. Dawn Morgan (2020)

Prof. Josephine Savarese (2020)

Dr. Kim Fenwick, (Chair, ex officio)  

Dr. André Loiselle, (ex officio)

Dr. Susan Machum, (ex officio)

Hon. Graydon Nicholas, (ex officio)

Miigam’agan, (ex officio)

Mr. Trenton Augustine, (ex officio)

Ms. Wendy Matthews, (ex officio)

2 Student Representatives – TBD


Updated July 7, 2019