Senate Members

President (Chair) - Professor Dawn Russell 
Registrar (Secretary) - Ms. Karen Preston
Vice-President (Academic and Research) - Dr. Kim Fenwick

Associate Vice-President (Research) - Dr. Michael Dawson
Dean of Social Sciences - Dr. Susan Machum
Dean of Humanities - Dr. AndrĂ© Loiselle
UNB Delegate - Dr. Carmen Poulin

Department Chairs, Program Directors and Subject Coordinators
Anthropology - Dr. Santiago Mora 
Criminology and Criminal Justice - Dr. Karla O'Regan
Economics - Dr. Satyadev Gupta 
English - Dr. Dennis Desroches 
Fine Arts - Prof. Tania Breen (Acting)
Gerontology - Dr. Gary Irwin-Kenyon
Great Books - Dr. Andrew Moore 
History - Dr. Carey Watt   
Human Rights - Dr. Amanda DiPaolo
Journalism - Dr. Dawne Clarke (Acting)
Mathematics and Science and Technology Studies - Dr. Jane Jenkins 
Native Studies - Dr. André Loiselle (Acting)
Philosophy - Dr. Jean-Philippe Ranger 
Political Science - Dr. Shaun Narine 
Psychology - Dr. Mihailo Perunovic (Acting)
Religious Studies - Dr. Michael George (Acting)
Romance Languages - Dr. Christian Mbarga
School of Education - Dr. Marcea Ingersoll
School of Social Work - Dr. Marilyn Dupre
Sociology - Dr. Marilee Reimer (Actin)

Board Members (Faculty)

Dr. Jean-Philippe Ranger
Dr. Dawne Clarke
Dr. Karla O'Regan

Board Member
Margaret Tracy

FAUST President

Dr. Robin Vose


Mr. Dennis Livingstone

Student Representatives  
Robyn Metcalfe
Emily Williams

STUSU President 
Brianna Workman

STUSU Vice-President (Education)

Emma Walsh


  1. Regular meetings of Senate shall be held monthly during the academic year, and as necessary at other times;
  2. Regular meetings may be cancelled when there is insufficient business; the Chair shall determine when there is insufficient business;
  3. The secretary shall publish the annual schedule of regular meetings;
  4. Meetings shall not exceed three hours unless extended by a motion duly put and passed before expiry of the three hours;
  5. The secretary shall circulate an advance call for agenda items two weeks prior to the date of each meeting;
  6. The agenda and supporting documents shall be circulated one week in advance of the scheduled meeting;
  7. Business normally will be limited to those items that appear on the circulated agenda and that have supporting documentation circulated with the agenda and to those motions notice of which has been given at a previous meeting;
  8. Senate meetings are open to all members of the University community;
  9. Provision is hereby made for meetings or parts of meetings to be held in camera for due cause;
  10. Observers are not to speak or participate in discussions in Senate except when invited by the Chair.

Special Meetings

  1. The Chair may call special meetings of the Senate;
  2. The Chair is required to call a special meeting of Senate within one week of a request signed by ten members of Senate;
  3. Special meetings scheduled with less than one week's notice require a quorum of 50% of Senate members in order to proceed.

Order of Business 

The order of business shall usually follow this sequence:

  1. approval of agenda
  2. announcements
  3. minutes of the preceding meeting
  4. business arising from the minutes
  5. pending business
  6. reports
  7. new business
  8. President's report
  9. question period

Seretary and Records

  1. The minutes and all other Senate records shall be maintained by, and held in the custody of, the Secretary;
  2. The Secretary shall maintain a current record of Senate decisions in a policy handbook;
  3. The Secretary shall circulate the Senate minutes to all members of Senate within two weeks of the meeting.