Prince Edward Island

High school applicants from PEI must meet the following minimum requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Arts program at St. Thomas University:

  • high school graduation (by end of August of the year in which they apply);
  • minimum average of 70% on five successfully completed academic courses one of which must be English 621A;
  • four remaining academic electives chosen from the list below (please note that, where they exist, Level 1 courses (e.g., 611) and any of the following electives offered in a French Immersion program, are acceptable as substitutes for courses listed below).

Four Electives from These Courses

  • Art 621A OR Dramatic Arts 621A OR Music 621A
  • Accounting Principles 621A OR Introductory Law 521A
  • Animal Science 621A
  • Agriscience 621A
  • Biology 621A
  • Canadian History 621A
  • Chemistry 621A
  • Computer Studies (CMP) 621A
  • Environmental Science 621A
  • French 621A
  • Global Studies (GEO 521A)
  • Global Issues (GEO 621A)
  • Hist 521A (Modern World Survey)
  • Introductory Economics 621A
  • Math 521B (Pre-Calculus 11)
  • Math 621 A
  • Math 621B
  • Math 611A
  • Math 611B
  • Oceanography 621A
  • PEI History 621B
  • Physics 621A
  • Political Studies (Advanced) 621A
  • Psychology 621
  • Sociology 621
  • Spanish 621

Other grade 12 academic courses may be considered as admission electives. Please contact the Admissions Office for information regarding the approval process. Please note that fulfilling these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the University.