Courses Taught

Courses Taught (STU)


EDUC 5443: Art and Music Education for the Elementary Classroom Teacher

EDUC 5583: Experiential Methods in Music Education

EDUC 5903: Classroom Management (Elementary and Secondary)

EDUC 5113: Alternative Schooling Pedagogies


Courses Taught (Trent University)


EDUC 4573: Integrated Arts for the Elementary Classroom

EDUC 4251: Teaching Intermediate Learners Part 1

EDUC 4252: Teaching Intermediate Learners Part 2

EDUC 4313: Sociocultural Perspectives on Human Development & Learning

EDUC 4361: Practicum Course and Supervision

EDUC 5011: Educational Theory in Canadian and International Contexts

EDUC 5110: Introduction to Curriculum Theory

EDUC 5910: Advanced Educational Research Methods

EDUC 5020: Introduction to Educational Research Methods


Courses Taught (SFU)


EDUC 478-4: Designs for Learning Music


Courses Taught (Queen’s)


FOCI 293: Understanding International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Teaching