English Language and Literature

Discover English Language and Literature

Studying English Language and Literature will expose you to a broad collection of classical and contemporary literature. Our courses introduce the vital practices of critical reading, writing about ideas and texts, and collaborative learning through discussion and debate. Whatever your taste in literature, you will encounter professors, peers, and courses to inspire and engage your love of literature.

Concentration in Drama

St. Thomas has a longstanding reputation for quality theatre productions and giving you opportunities to learn about the relationship between text and performance. We do this both in literature courses that contribute to a Concentration in Drama, as well as in extracurricular clubs such as Theatre St. Thomas, the St. Thomas Early English Drama Society, and other independent theatre productions. While some graduates with the Concentration in Drama become theatre professionals, others simply develop their love for theatre as participants and as educated audiences.

Concentration in Creative Writing

We believe that creative writing, as well as analytic writing, lies at the heart of a liberal arts program. Along with the academic practice of analyzing texts, you should have the opportunity to engage with texts creatively: to produce them and to hear readings by established authors and writers among your peers. The program sharpens skills in style and strategy and offers several prizes and publication opportunities. You have the option to do a Major with a Concentration in Creative Writing, or even to apply for Honours in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing.

Careers and Pathways for Graduates

English graduates move into careers in academia, teaching, social work, law, technical and creative writing, public relations, library science, publishing, communications, human resources, marketing, theatre, fi lm making, journalism, fashion, event management, and other fields that make use of advanced skills in research, critical analysis, and communications and writing.

Related Areas of Study

English students are often interested in academic fields that require reading, analysis, research, and the process of developing compelling, coherent arguments—areas such as History, Great Books, Philosophy, or Journalism. You may also be interested in areas that relate to human experience and behaviour—Psychology, Gerontology, Anthropology, Criminology, and others.