Environment and Society

Environment and Society will help you understand the social processes that promote the degradation of the Earth and our persistence in such destructive behaviour.

The Environment and Society Program is an interdisciplinary program with courses from a number of departments which explore the root causes of environmental degradation and how society can address them. You will examine different ways of understanding the environment, the politics of environmental decision-making, and praxis - reflection and action for a sustainable world.

  • You are concerned about what’s happening to our world
  • You believe environmental change is possible

By studying in the Environment and Society Program, you will learn to look at issues critically to understand causes and discover realistic solutions. You will develop advanced skills in research, as well as in written and verbal communication as you learn about complex environmental issues and work to communicate those issues as you work with others to change unsustainable cultural, economic and political systems. Environment and Society students are able to connect what they learn in class to the real world, and use that knowledge to become effective ecological citizens in all aspects of their lives. Through experiential learning opportunities, you will have direct experience of working with local organizations and agencies that are addressing environmental problems locally, provincially and nationally.

Environment & Society graduates will play a critical role in addressing the enormous challenges of the 21st century, especially the transition to a carbon-free economy. Governments, businesses, non-profit organizations and institutions such as schools, universities and hospitals all need environmental policy analysts and researchers, environmental lawyers, ecological economists, sustainability managers, educators, motivators, and organizers. Internationally, you can work for the UN Environment Program, the World Food Program, the World Bank, or the many non-government sustainable development groups.

As an interdisciplinary program, Environment and Society draws on courses from many departments including Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, History, Native Studies, and Science and Technology Studies, among others.