Exploring Sexual Coercion for Women of Colour

February 25, 2021
Exploring Sexual Coercion for Women of Colour

The Deconstructed Panel Series entitled “Beyond the Bare Minimum,” explores how sexual coercion intersects with different lived experiences. In recognition of Black History Month, Fredericton Campus Sexual Assault Support and Advocacy will be interviewing Felomena Deogratsias and discussing the unique ways sexual coercion and abuse present for women of colour.

We know that gender based violence is an oppressive behaviour used to dominate and control others, predominantly those in marginalized groups. While research and statistics often fail to capture the experiences of these populations, women of colour have been identified as being among the most vulnerable to experiencing sexual violence.

Deogratsias will strive to shed light on some of the ways this vulnerability has been shaped throughout history, how it presents in the daily lives of women of colour, and talk about the ways we can strive to make change in our daily lives.

The event will take place on Microsoft Teams and is free to participate.

Please visit the Facebook event and follow Fredericton Campus Sexual Assault Support and Advocacy on Instagram to learn more.