Dr. DiPaolo was born in Fredericton and has lived in Syracuse, New York and Franklin, Tennessee before moving back to Fredericton. She is a graduate of St. Thomas University and did her MA and PhD at Syracuse University. Her PhD dissertation, “The Separation of Powers: A framework for guiding judicial decision making when the executive limits individual liberties during armed hostilities,” is a look at how, contrary to conventional thinking, the Supreme Court does not defer to the Executive in times of perceived threats to national security, but instead defers to Congress. The dissertation is an examination into how Congress allows the President to limit individual rights and the Supreme Court rarely uses the Bill of Rights to defend those rights.

Dr. DiPaolo taught political science at Middle Tennessee State University before returning to St. Thomas University in 2014 to teach in the Human Rights Program. She is also the coach at the STU Moot Court team.

Amanda DiPaolo Curriculum Vitae