Please note that not every course listed is offered each year and students should consult STU Self Service for current course offerings.


ITAL-1006. Introduction to Italian

Introduction to the Italian Language. Phonetics, oral training, and conversation. Basic grammar with oral and written exercises. Basic reading and composition. Introduction to Italian civilization with the aid of audio-visual techniques.

ITAL-2013. Intermediate Italian I

This course proceeds to further develop the acquisition of grammar, vocabulary, and language skills. The practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing will give students the opportunity to improve their use of the language. Aspects of Italian culture are presented through audio-visual aids in order to enhance the connection to the learning language process.

ITAL-2023. Introduction to Italian Literature

This course provides an outline of Italian literature from its origins to the present day. It examines literary movements and their background, with a study of some of the field's major representatives. Emphasis is placed on reading, understanding, and analysing selections from Italian literary texts.

ITAL-2033. Introduction to Italian Literature and Civilization

This study tour of Italy offers a harmonious blend of language, culture and countryside. It presents an overview of Italian civilization from its origins to the present day. Topics to be examined include major Italian literary and artistic movements with a study of some major representatives. Highlights encompass visiting various Italian cities and experiencing a unique immersion into Italian art, architecture, cuisine, literature, history, religion, music, fashion, and current events.

ITAL-2043. Intermediate Italian II

This course is the continuation of Intermediate Italian I. Written assignments will improve the accuracy of grammatical structures. Conversation and oral exercises will enhance the student's ability to interact in a communicative environment.

ITAL-3043. Italian Cinema

This course uses film as a starting point for the refinement of students' reading, writing and speaking skills in Italian. Students will enrich their vocabulary and strengthen their use of more complex grammatical structures and idiomatic expressions, as well as learn to recognize regional differences in spoken Italian in cinematic contexts. The aim of the course is also to examine the Cinema of Italy as an instrument for observing Italian society. It will include showing snippets of films; and a screening, close study, and an analysis of a few masterpieces of Italian cinema, fostering a deeper understanding of both Italian language and culture. All screened films will be in Italian with English subtitles.