Christian Christie on Why he Chose STU

Hi Future Tommie!

My name is Christian, and I’m a first-year student-athlete at St. Thomas University (STU). I’m studying Criminology and playing on the men’s volleyball team. I moved to Fredericton, NB, from Langley, BC, to attend STU, and I’m writing to you as I know how difficult choosing a university can be.

Choosing STU

I used to live in Truro, NS, and when I moved to Langley, my eyes were opened to the various opportunities available at the many universities across Canada.

I knew someone who attended STU, so I reached out to him to ask him about his experience. He had nothing but good things to say about the university, its community, academics, and sports programs. This made me excited about the possibility of going to STU. After speaking to the men’s volleyball coach, I realized STU was a perfect fit for me.

First days on campus

I have immensely enjoyed my experience at STU thus far. I arrived the day after move-in day due to my flight, but I was still greeted with open arms and immediately joined in on the Welcome Week activities. I went downtown Fredericton to check out the city with my roommate and some new friends who are now some of my closest friends. The transition to living on campus can be scary, but everyone in residence has been—or is in—the same position, so everyone relates to what you’re going through.


I have greatly enjoyed all my classes at STU. I like how you can take first-year classes from different subjects without it interfering with getting your degree in four years. My largest class is only 60 students, which can sound daunting but my sister attends another university, and her classes are regularly in the hundreds.

What STU has done for me

Coming to STU has allowed me to continue playing the sport I love while giving me the opportunity to further my education in a way I know will lead me to a job after obtaining my degree. It has allowed me to live away from home while still feeling like I’m part of a family.

Finding the best fit for you is so important. For me, there is no place I would rather be than here in Fredericton at STU. I wish you luck with your decision and I hope to see you on campus next year here at STU.

Christian Christie

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