Letter to a Future Student


Hey Future STUdent!

I’m Kiara, a first-year student at St. Thomas University (STU) from Charlottetown, PE.

I know it can be stressful to choose a university. A year ago, I was in the same boat. I hope sharing my experience will help you decide if STU is the right place for you.

Making the decision to join the STU family

I wasn’t interested in moving away until I spoke to a STU admissions counsellor. I was intrigued by the small class sizes and psychology program at STU, which could help me in achieving my goal of becoming a psychiatrist.

If you haven’t yet decided what to major in, there’s no pressure at STU. You have first-year to take different classes and decide what you like.

As my time in high school came to an end, I had to make the big decision. I applied for scholarships and told myself if I received one from STU I knew it was meant to be. I was awarded a Harrison McCain Scholarship and everything fell into place. I was heading to New Brunswick in the fall!

My first weeks

If I had to describe my first weeks at STU using one word it would be “welcoming.” Arriving on move-in day was like a breath of fresh air. I was nervous because moving to a new place is scary, but Residence Advisors and Welcome Week Leaders were so full of spirit and joy that STU quickly began to feel like home.

I found it crazy how fast and easy it was to make friends. Welcome Week is packed full of fun activities to help you meet new people in your residence, in other residences, and to also become familiar with Fredericton.

What classes are like

Like any first-year student, I was nervous to start classes but eager to start learning. Each class has a maximum of 60 students, but most of mine have fewer which made the transition from high school easier. Professors do their best to remember everyone’s names, which helps make them approachable when you have a question.

What STU has done for me

Coming to STU has given me pride, confidence, and happiness—from just the first few months. The possibilities at STU are endless. You can meet your forever best friend, you can take advantage of amazing opportunities, and so much more! I couldn’t imagine my life without the STU community.

I hope my experiences will help you decide if STU is the right place for you.

Best wishes,
Kiara Landry