Kayla Doody Works For Positive Change Through Internship at the United Way


Kayla Doody is working to make positive change in the community as an intern at the United Way.


The fourth-year student from Paradise, NL, is a Community Liaison with the organization, which works to improve communities through long-term sustainable change by focusing on issues like poverty, health, and youth welfare.


“Working at the United Way allowed me to become invested and engaged with Fredericton and Central New Brunswick as a whole,” Doody said. “The only way to make positive change in your community is to understand the challenges, goals, and assets that already exist.”


In her role, Doody has taken on communications and event planning responsibilities, as well as projects involving graphic design, volunteerism, donor engagement, and community impact initiatives.


She was an integral part of the team that planned Fredericton’s first Soupfest—an event that brought soups from 12 local restaurants to the Multicultural Association of Fredericton for a competition and fundraiser—and an International Women’s Day video that featured female employees from local nonprofits.


She said her time at the United Way allowed her to experience the value of a liberal arts education in the workplace.


“This experience has only solidified my decision in pursuing a liberal arts education and reaffirmed my belief that the skills we learn in the classroom make us better people, employees, and community members,” she said.


“It’s given me the confidence and ability to recognize the value I bring to the table.”


The work she’s done and the skills she’s developed through this internship have allowed her to add to that value.


“My writing skills and my ability to take theoretical approaches and apply them to real life situations have developed through my internship,” she said.


“The opportunity to write for professional purposes, including government and outcome statements, has given me more confidence and knowledge.”


Doody will graduate in the spring with a double major in Human Rights and Political Science, and her experience at the United Way was a valuable addition to her student experience.


“The United Way’s focus on positive community impact was invaluable in my human rights degree,” she said. “This experience has benefitted me in countless ways, and I will always be grateful for it.”


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