Meet Your Welcome Week Leaders: Chloé Couturier and Manuel García

Welcome Week 2019 is in the hands of STU’s Welcome Week Chair, fourth-year student Chloé Couturier, of Dieppe, NB and Welcome Week Coordinator, fourth-year student Manuel García, of Managua, Nicaragua—and they have big plans to make the soon-to-be members of the STU family feel right at home.

A series of planned activities and events, Welcome Week serves to help incoming students adjust to life on campus, make friends, and prepare to begin university.

“Welcome Week gives the students a chance to settle in and experience all the great things that STU has to offer,” Couturier said. “It’s the time when you will make friendships that will last you a lifetime. Going into my fourth year, I’m still best friends with the first person I met at Ice Breakers.”

García said that helping students adjust to life on campus is the reason he wanted to be the Welcome Week Coordinator this year.

“In my experience at STU, I've found a passion for helping students make the transition to university life and I didn't see any better way of doing that than by planning their first week on campus.”

This year’s Welcome Week will include much-loved traditions, as well as new-to-2019 events.

“We have many plans including the paint fight, casino night, the cheer off, and much more,” said Couturier. “As for the theme we have decided to make it a carnival theme!”

This year’s team has also taken steps to make the week eco-friendlier.

“All of our material will simply be STU branded,” García said. “That way, the leftovers don’t need to be thrown away, but can be reused by whoever occupies our positions next year.”

Couturier said the most important thing students can do is to remember to enjoy themselves.

“I want to remind incoming students that although this chapter of your life may be stressful, it will be one of your most memorable. Make sure to enjoy every minute of it as it does go by faster than you think. I am so excited to meet all of you. See you soon!”


To see the full Welcome Week schedule click here.