Spencer Folkins Earns Professional Experience Working with University Writing Centre through JOBS Program


by Aly Richard, BA ‘19

Third-year student Spencer Folkins is adding professional experience to his resume as a tutor at the STU Writing Centre.

With the guidance of Writing Centre Coordinator, Heather MacDonald, Folkins is expanding his skill set and helping fellow students.

MacDonald said students who work on campus “not only gain a lot of experience having the responsibility of working a job, but also develop skills employers need.”

Folkins, who is pursuing an honours English Language and Literature, has noticed improvements in his own writing—both academic and recreational. He is excited to work in a position that aligns with his interests and supports his ambition to pursue a career as an English teacher.

“My degree and experience at the Writing Centre both work toward what I want to do in the future,” he said.

Through the JOBS Program, Folkins is able to embrace the opportunity to learn from the students he helps and from his supervisor. He credited MacDonald for her innovation and dedication to the Writing Centre and described her as a role model.

“My favorite part is the immense opportunity to learn in this position,” he said.

MacDonald believes the JOBS Program offers staff and faculty a chance to learn and grow, as well.

“I think that anybody who applies for one of these grants and has the ability to work with a student will learn a lot themselves. It's an opportunity for growth for us, as well.”