A Letter to a Future STUdent: Abigail Draper, Ottawa, ON

Hey Future STUdent!

My name is Abigail Draper and I’m a first-year STUdent from Ottawa, Ontario. I’m writing this letter to share my experiences from the best four months of my life.

Making the Decision

I chose St. Thomas University because when I went on my first campus tour, everyone made me feel exceptionally welcome. My tour guide was knowledgable and kind, and really helped me feel like Fredericton could be my new home.

I was also recruited to play basketball for the university, and upon meeting the players and coach for the first time, they welcomed me like family. I had to pick a university for its programs—not just for sports—and STU is one of the best schools in Canada for Criminology, which I plan to major in.

Living in Fredericton

I live in Holy Cross House and it’s the smallest house, so most people know each other. When I was having a rough week, two of the girls gave me a little bag of chocolates and a sweet note. Even on move-in day people were helping each other bring in boxes, move mini-fridges, and offering support when homesickness kicked in.

Fredericton itself is exceptionally diverse with its stores, restaurants, and events. I volunteered with my teammates at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, there’s two local farmers markets, lots of stores, and the downtown sits on a breathtaking waterfront.

Academics and Classes

Classes are small and very focused on student learning. During my first semester, all of my professors knew me by name, which is something people at other schools often can’t say. The classes are capped at 60 which is perfect. I’ve loved all my classes thus far—they’re interesting and the professors are very knowledgeable.

What STU has Done for Me

STU has made me more outgoing, better at time management, and more easy-going. It has been a huge change from my life back home, but I’ve loved it all. I’m even hoping to stay in Fredericton for the summer because I enjoy it so much here. I’ve made friends I know will be life-long, have connections with professors that will help me greatly in the future, and am more self-sufficient now than I ever expected to be at this age. This is my new home, and I’ve never regretted my decision to choose STU for a second.




Abigail Draper