Apply to be a First-Year Experience Leader

The First-Year Experience Program will help welcome new STUdents to our campus community and provide meaningful opportunities for them to connect with one another, upper-year STUdents, as well as faculty and staff.

As upper-year STUdents, you know how exciting and challenging your first few days, weeks, and months of university can be—and we have a way you can help this year’s incoming STUdents get through it. 


What is the First-Year Experience Program?

The First-Year Experience Program is a new initiative created for first-year students to experience a sense of belonging within the STU community and connect with peer mentors, faculty and staff, while studying remotely and being away from campus. All first-year students will be placed in smaller groups of 20-25 students. Each group will be led by a Gold and Green Leader, to foster growth, learning and ease of transition for students.

IMPORTANT: Incoming first-year STUdents will hear more about this program in the coming weeks!

Upper-Year STUdent/Leader Positions

Upper-year student leaders will play an integral role in helping first-year students integrate into the STU community seamlessly. The two positions you can apply for are Gold and/or Green Leaders. A very brief summary and responsibilities are:

Gold Leader:

  • Provide overall leadership for a team of first-year students and Green Leader
  • Organize and facilitate team and individual meetings
  • Develop team synchronous and asynchronous activities
  • Support and develop campus-wide synchronous and asynchronous activities
  • Liaise with Faculty members
  • Approximately 8 hours/week of work
  • Level 2 compensation: $13.73/hour

Green Leader:

  • Support team development efforts of Gold Leader
  • Participate in team meetings and facilitate individual meetings
  • Support and promote team and campus-wide synchronous and asynchronous activities
  • Approximately 4 hours/week of work
  • Level 1 compensation: $12.17/hour

Please refer to the job descriptions attached for a detailed explanation of the role and responsibilities.

Gold Leader Job Description

Green Leader Job Description

Application Process:

Application deadline: Monday, August 3 at 11:59PM

  1. Prepare Resume
  2. Prepare 3-minute (max) video: Demonstrate how you would introduce and give instructions for a virtual icebreaker to your group.
  3. Complete Application Form
    1. Fill out all questions
    2. Upload files (resume and video) to Application Form


Please note: If you are also interested in applying for both Leader positions, you DO NOT need to fill out a second application form. You need to submit ONE application form for both positions.

If you have any questions, please send an email to


Carmen Law

Assistant Director Residence Life