Online Orientation for New and Upper-Year Students Open

Students are now able to access the New Student Orientation and the Academic Success Online program, both available on Moodle. These resources have been carefully designed to help students transition into the 2020-2021 academic year.


New students will be automatically enrolled in both programs, while upper-year students will only have access to Academic Success Online.


  1. New Student Orientation - The New Student Orientation has been developed for students who are new to St. Thomas University. It has been designed to introduce you to university life, help you better understand how to use technology to succeed academically, what resources are available to you as a student, and much more. Working through this orientation, you will become better prepared for your transition to university. 

    You can also win prizes by completing the different modules:

    - Complete up to Module 3 by Aug. 27—be entered to win one of ten $50 gift cards

    - Complete up to Module 6 by Sept. 3—be entered to win one of ten $50 gift cards

    - Complete entire orientation by Sept. 13—be entered to win one of twenty $100 gift cards

    - Students who get 100% on the four quizzes throughout the orientation will be entered to win a Grand Prize: a $125 gift card

    - Students who complete the Panopto Scavenger Hunt (to use the search function in Panopto) will be entered to win one of twenty $50 gift cards. The end date for this is September 13.

    - There will also be more chances to wn prizes on social media. Be sure to follow STU on Instagram (@StThomasU)

  2. Academic Success Online - The Academic Success Online resource is for all students—both first and upper-year students. This resource has been designed to help you learn more about the technology that might be used in your courses. It will also offer strategies for being productive in on online environment. 

Start Now

  1. Go to  

  2. Click “Log In” (see outline in red) and enter your STU Email and Password  

  3. You will be taken to your Moodle Dashboard/Homepage  

  4. Under “My Courses,” we have provided two helpful resources: New Student Online Orientation (for first-year students only) and Academic Success Online (for both first year students and upper-year/returning students)   

  5. Click to enter and begin  

Note to new students: If you are a new student planning to engage with both resources, we suggest starting with the New Student Online Orientation and then progressing to Academic Success Online.