STUdents Emma Rhodes and Emma Faulkner Gain Valuable Experience Interning at Goose Lane Publishing

Emma Rhodes and Emma Faulkner are using their knowledge of English Literature and Great Books as interns at Goose Lane Publishing.


The fourth-year STUdents were both interested in publishing but had limited opportunities to gain hands-on experience, so when positions became available through the Office of Experiential and Community Based Learning they applied immediately.


“I had never worked in publishing and it’s something I always wanted to know more about,” Rhodes said.


“I know it can be difficult to find opportunities like this, so it’s great to get this experience during my undergrad,” Faulkner added.


Through the internship, the pair have been able to meet authors, conduct and publish interviews, review events and works, and help coordinate book signings and tours.


“It’s been a really rewarding experience. I didn’t really know before I got this job how much there is to publishing,” Faulkner said.


“It’s given me a lot of opportunities,” Rhodes added. “I’ve been able to publish work even outside of Goose Lane—my most recent interview was published in The Puritan.”


As English and Great Book STUdents, Rhodes and Faulkner have seen strong connections between their studies and their work at Goose Lane.


“I studied a lot of Canadian literature and working at an independent Canadian publisher definitely complements that,” Rhodes said.


“My time at STU has really influenced my confidence, my writing, and my ability to communicate, and I was able to transfer those skills to my work,” Faulkner added. “Being able to skim a novel and pull out what we need and what’s important for its publicity is also a big help.”