Heading to Spain — Ashley Riley, BA'19, Working in Spain after Dartmouth Graduation

After graduating from STU in 2019 with an honours in Great Books and History, Riley attended Ivy League Dartmouth College in her home state of New Hampshire where she earned a Master of Arts in Globilization Studies. Riley accepted a job offer in Valencia, Spain starting Fall 2021 to continue her passion for international collaboration and education.


"As a U.S. student who attended STU, I understand the distinct benefits of both studying and living abroad.


My time as an international student challenged a number of my preconceived notions, and in many ways, being outside my home country helped me understand where I come from even better. This fascination with 'the outside looking in' ultimately prompted me to pursue my master's degree in Globalization Studies at Dartmouth, and is what is now motivating me to move to Spain to teach English in the fall.


I attribute STU’s emphasis on critical thinking and the encouragement for interdisciplinary study as the key reasons why I am so prepared for these opportunities, as well as any other opportunity I encounter in the future. I am confident that my time at St. Thomas will continue to shape who I am and what I do in the years to come, and every day I'm thankful for where STU has taken me, both in my career and across the world!"