Campus Flags Lowered to Commemorate Discovery of Children’s Bodies at Former Residential School  

We have lowered the flags on our campus to commemorate and honour the 215 Indigenous children whose remains have been discovered at the site of a former residential school in British Columbia. This step is being taken by many levels of government and institutions across the country, including at the Peace Tower in Ottawa.  


The discovery of the site of these undocumented deaths was announced Thursday. The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation had previously estimated there were 51 deaths of children at that school and there is now evidence of many more. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission established that 3,200 children died while at Residential Schools, with estimates as high as 6,000, and recommendations from the TRC Calls to Action deal with missing children. It is important that society faces the true depth of these horrific events which continue to impact individuals, families, and communities to this day.  


Discoveries such as this one in British Columbia remind us of the work that must be done through education, collaboration, and action. At STU, we are committed to continuing to work together with our Senate Committee on Reconciliation, our Indigenous Student Services team, our Student Reconciliation Committee, and Indigenous communities and leaders to achieve progress towards reconciliation as a university community and society.  


Please remember that student services at STU remain available to all students. Do not hesitate to contact Student Mental Health Services, Indigenous Students Services, or any of our support services should you require them. 


Dawn Russell 

President and Vice-Chancellor