STU to Implement Mandatory Vaccinations for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Message from President and Vice-Chancellor Dawn Russell

Over the past few days, there have been a number of developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most significantly, the Provincial Government is now preparing to implement a mandatory vaccination program for provincial public sector employees and a testing program for unvaccinated employees. The numbers of COVID-19 cases in the province are expected to increase and the potential impact of cases in other parts of the country are factors that have influenced that decision.


Many universities in Canada are implementing or considering mandatory vaccines based on their particular circumstances. From a survey we conducted earlier this month, the vast majority of our students (87%) have reported that they have received or expect to have received two vaccination doses by September. Moreover, 6% have received or expect to receive one dose, and 4% want to be vaccinated but don’t expect to be by September. These are encouraging numbers especially coupled with the health and safety measures that we will be leaving in place on campus to begin the term. These include a mandatory mask policy, distancing requirements, and continued cleaning and disinfecting measures, among other proactive steps.


Over the course of the pandemic, we have followed the guidance of the Provincial Government and Public Health. We have been in contact with Public Health today and they are strongly recommending post-secondary institutions implement a program that includes mandatory vaccinations and testing similar to government.


We recognize that we need to do more to strengthen our health and safety measures;  therefore St. Thomas will be developing and implementing a policy of mandatory vaccinations consistent with the guidance from Public Health.


In the coming days, we will be developing the parameters for effectively and equitably implementing such a mandate on our campus and we will be reporting back to you on further details.  


Obtaining Your Vaccine   

Any student who has not yet received their first or second vaccine is strongly encouraged to book an appointment through Vitalité or Horizon Health Clinics or a pharmacy. Students residing outside New Brunswick are encouraged to seek information on vaccination in their provinceof residenceDuring Welcome Week, students can also access COVID-19 vaccination clinics offered at the UNB Campus Pharmacy (29 Dineen Drive in the UNB Bookstore):   

Back-to-School Immunization (Pfizer and Moderna)   

Campus Pharmacy (10 am to 5 pm)   

Tuesday, Sept. 7    

Thursday, Sept. 9   

Friday, Sept. 10   


For more information and to register, see here. The Pharmacy encourages anyone making an individual appointment to try to bring a friend to get their vaccination as well.  


Thank you.    


Dawn Russell   

President and Vice-Chancellor