Update on Vaccination Declaration Process

New Brunswick Public Health has recommended that post-secondary institutions mandate vaccines for students, faculty, and staff. We are following that recommendation and will soon launch an on-line vaccine declaration tool so that students may upload proof of vaccination or a request for a medical or religious exemption. 

  1. Students will have until Oct. 15 to provide proof of full vaccination. After Oct. 15, to come to campus, students must either: (1) be fully vaccinated with confirmation, or (2) have an approved exemption, participate in regular testing, and wear a mask.  

  2. Students who have received/scheduled their first vaccination will be permitted to come to campus and will be required to begin regular testing on Sept. 15 until they provide proof of full vaccination which must be completed by Oct. 15.   

  3. Students who are seeking an exemption to mandatory vaccinations based on medical or religious grounds will need to begin testing on Sept. 15 and have until Oct. 15 to provide documentation to support their request for an exemption. Students who are approved for an exemption will be required to participate in regular testing and wear a mask.   

These requirements are expected to be in place for the fall semester and will be reassessed as needed based on guidance from Public Health. Later this week we will be sharing information on the system that will be used for declaring vaccination status, exemptions, and the regular testing program.  

Vaccine Exemptions on Medical or Religious Grounds    

Vaccine exemptions will only be permitted on medical or religious grounds and will require a note from a physician/nurse practitioner or religious leader. Anyone with an approved exemption will be required to wear a mask and participate in twice-weekly rapid testing and follow-up Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing if a positive result occurs. The process for requesting an exemption will be part of the vaccine declaration tool.  


Anyone who is vaccine hesitant is encouraged to schedule an appointment with their health practitioner to make an informed decision on vaccination. Should a student not be vaccinated nor have a medical or religious exemption, they will not be permitted to come to campus after Oct. 15. Instead, they will be encouraged to take remote courses. Academic Advisors in the Registrar’s Office (advising@stu.ca) are available to assist students with academic planning and course selection. The last day to add/drop fall term and full-year courses is Sept. 17.   

Getting Your Vaccine      

Anyone who requires a vaccine may register for vaccinations at the UNB Campus Pharmacy (the same building as the UNB Bookstore). Clinics are planned for Thursday, Sept. 9, and Friday, Sept. 10 (from 10 am to 5 pm). Vaccinations are also available through Horizon Health Clinics or a pharmacy.   


If You Have Symptoms of COVID-19  

The symptoms of COVID-19 have included: Fever/Feverish, sore throat, headache, runny nose, a new cough or worsening chronic cough, new onset of fatigue or muscle ache, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell.  

  • Public Health strongly recommends that people with two or more symptoms get tested even if you have been vaccinated. For an on-line self-assessment and testing steps, see here.   

  • For information on COVID-19 case and contact management, see here. This page provides important information on whether you need to isolate while you await test results. If you are fully vaccinated and don’t have any known exposures, you do not need to isolate while waiting for your results unless directed by Public Health. Otherwise, you will need to isolate until you receive your results and further direction from Public Health – please see the detailed information from Public Health.