STUdent Reinaldo Cascante first to complete new Certificate in Digital and Media Literacy

STUdent Rey Cascante in the study hall, Feb. 2023

When STU launched its Certificate in Digital and Media Literacy this past fall, fourth-year international student Reinaldo Cascante’s interest was immediately piqued. Cascante realized he had already completed several of the certificate requirements, and decided to earn the certificate in his final year at STU.


“This certificate allowed me to exercise some skills I had already worked on throughout my studies, but it also helped me gain valuable perspective on the digital field,” he said.


Majoring in Communications and Public Policy and Sociology, Cascante said earning this certificate improved his critical thinking and innovative problem-solving skills, and enhanced his creativity and efficiency when communicating.


“Research and information analysis became a lot easier as well,” he added.


To earn the certificate, STUdents must take five Digitial and Media Literacy designated courses, which span departments like Anthropology, Communications and Public Policy, English, History, Journalism, Psychology, and Sociology, as well as complete two media workshops and a community micro-project or internship. There are currently 15 STU students in addition to Cascante who are registered in the certificate program and working to complete the requirements.


“The courses I took throughout my studies allowed me to gain a more critical and professional point of view on digital platforms and media outlets that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise,” Cascante said.


Hands-on Experience


During his time at STU, Cascante has completed multiple communications-based internships with external employers, as well as served as the director of communications for the St. Thomas University Students’ Union and the media coordinator for STU-based theatre group Black Box Productions.


“Having hands-on experience from my internship and work opportunities and the workshops solidified those practical skills that I learned about in lectures.”


The Digital Literacy Workshop Series covers topics like shooting video and photos with phones, how to plan and write scripts for video projects, and basic photography principles.


Cascante believes the skills and experience he gained at STU through the certificate will make him more competitive when searching for employment post-graduation, as employers are increasingly seeking workers who are immersed in and understand the digital world.


“I would absolutely recommend this certification to STUdents because the skills and knowledge you get from the courses classes, workshops, and internships are transferable to any area you’d like to pursue after graduation,” he said.


“My personal experiences on and off campus have heavily involved social media and digital literacy so having an official certificate that endorses my skills and experience is a perfect way to tie a green bow around my time at STU.”