Bachelor of Education STUdents Teach Girl Guides Mindfulness and Mental Well-Being

Four BEd students standing in front of BMH

Four School of Education STUdents recently used their teaching skills to promote community well-being.Marc Bougharios, Aislynn Byers, Maddison Shrum, and Kaleigh Flinn organized a Mindfulness Night for a group of Girl Guides in Oromocto to promote resilience and mental well-being.

“The Mindfulness Night left a lasting impact on both participants and organizers, fostering valuable insights into mental health and self-care practices,” said Maddison Shrum, Bachelor of Education STUdent and one of the event organizers.“Through meaningful conversations and engaging activities, the girls gained valuable skills while we reinforced the importance of using our teaching skills for community well-being.”At the event, the Girl Guides took part in interactive activities that taught them about holistic well-being. Various stations offered unique activities centered around mindfulness and mental health awareness

  • At her station, Aislynn Byers helped the girls create their own stress balls and taught them practical techniques for stress management and the importance of healthy emotional outlets
  • Kaleigh Flinn led a gratitude cards activity, emphasizing how expressing gratitude encourages positivity and resilience. Participants crafted cards reflecting on things they were thankful for, fostering appreciation and mindfulness.
  • Maddison Shrum taught the girls about the therapeutic benefits of colouring and explained how it promotes relaxation and mindfulness. The girls engaged in mindful colouring exercises, experiencing a sense of calm and focus.
  • An “Ocean in a Jar” activity was led by Marc Bougharios. The girls assembled sensory jars filled with water, glitter, and calming elements to simulate the motion of the ocean, creating their own space to foster relaxation.

To close out the evening, both the Education STUdents and Girl Guides participated together in a yoga activity. Participants mimicked various animal poses, practicing flexibility, balance, and playfulness. Physical activity and mindfulness were promoted.

“In a world where mental health and well-being are increasingly vital, initiatives like these exemplify the positive impact of community-driven efforts in nurturing resilience and mindfulness among youth,” Shrum said.“The STU School of Education continues to inspire future educators to lead with compassion and dedication, making a difference in their communities.”