Call for Nominations for Valedictorian, Spring 2024 Convocation

Photo of Leanne Hudson delivering valedictory address

The Valedictorian for Spring Convocation will be chosen by a Selection Committee based on nominations from members of the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work, and Bachelor of Applied Arts graduating class. The candidates for the Spring Convocation Valedictorian must:  

  • be graduating from the BA, BSW, or BAA programs 
  • have completed the application to graduate and be eligible to graduate at Spring Convocation 
  • have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7 on their last 60 credit hours
  • have demonstrated involvement in academic, campus life and/or community activities 
  • possess strong public speaking skills 

This Selection Committee is comprised of the Vice-President (Academic and Research), Dean of Social Science, Dean of Humanities, Registrar, Associate Vice-President (Enrolment Management), Grad Class President, and a Faculty Member.

Nomination Process 


The nomination process will be completed using MS Forms (see below). If an applicant is being nominated by someone else, the nominee must also complete an application form. A nomination must include one (1) nominator and three (3) seconders whose endorsements will be validated. The candidate will answer these questions on the online application:

  • What were the highlights of your time at STU? 
  • How have you or your classmates changed over your years at STU?
  • What service or volunteering have you done? What impact has it had on you and your life?
  • Why do you feel you are a good representative for your graduating class? 
  • What messages would you deliver in the Valedictory Address?
  • What have you learned at STU that has prepared you for further education, career, or citizenship? 


Candidates must also submit a resume outlining academic, campus, and community involvement and achievements. The Selection Committee will secure the nominee’s transcript from the Registrar’s Office.

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required: (1) from a faculty member (i.e. current/former professor) and (2) from a graduating student. These can be uploaded through the MS Form. 


The deadline to submit an application with supporting materials is Monday, April 8 at 4 pm. Nominations will only be considered when all required elements are completed. 

Each nominee will be required to give a presentation to the Selection Committee of approximately five minutes, which would be a first draft of the speech they would give if selected to be the valedictorian. Candidates should also be prepared for an interview on the questions. These presentations will be scheduled individually by the President’s Office. 


The decision will be made and communicated following the interviews. Afterwards, the valedictorian must submit a copy of their Valedictory Address (5-7 minutes) to the Vice-President (Academic and Research) by Tuesday, May 7. Spring Convocation is Tuesday, May 14. 


The MS Form for applying to be Spring Convocation 2024 Valedictorian may be found here.


If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Buck, Executive Assistant to the President, at