Enactus STU Crowned Regional Champions

Enactus STU 2024

Enactus STU emerged victorious after being crowned regional champions in the League B Desjardins Youth Empowerment Challenge with their project Spark at the Enactus Canada Regional Exposition - Atlantic Canada in Halifax.


Enactus Canada Regional Exposition - Atlantic Canada brings together students and academic and industry leaders to celebrate the achievements of Canada's future leaders and entrepreneurs. During the event, students showcase how their community outreach projects and business ventures are making a real impact in Canada and beyond—the exposition involves live rounds of presentation-based competitions where the business leaders serve as judges. 


Enactus STU's project, Spark, looks to encourage student entrepreneurship and promote financial literacy skills through hosting local events and workshops. With STUdent project managers Kate Haché and Ellie Namit presenting the project, Spark came out on top in the League B Desjardins Youth Empowerment Challenge, sending the team to compete in the Enactus Canada National Exposition in Toronto in May 2024.


"Regionals was an unforgettable experience. When you've been working non-stop on the same project for so long, I think you can lose sight of just how much you've accomplished," said Namit.


"The recognition that our hard work has truly made an impact and that other people believe in what we are doing meant the world."


Haché was proud to have even made it to the regional exposition.


“This win is a testament to the connection and commitment between our students, staff, and the greater Fredericton community,” she said.


Enactus STU's Vice President, Ameri Suzuki, said the accomplishment is especially exciting since STU brings a unique liberal arts approach to Enactus.


"This victory demonstrates that entrepreneurship is inclusive of all fields of study. Our diverse knowledge and expertise gained from a liberal arts education are strengths and contributed to our success," said Suzuki.


The Desjardins Youth Empowerment Challenge is designed to empower Enactus teams with the resources needed to identify, create, and deliver projects that address the needs and opportunities facing youth, as it relates to education, learning skills and lifelong success.


"I have been honoured to be one of the leaders of such a remarkable team," said Enactus STU President Chloe York.


“Every member brings valuable skills and unique interests that enable us to build meaningful collaborations with the community and think outside the box with the growth of our projects. I am extremely proud of all the team has accomplished and cannot wait to see what comes next in the future!"


STUdents who pitched Spark at the competition


Ellie Namit (third-year Sociology and Human Rights STUdent from Fredericton, NB) 

Kate Haché (second-year International Relations and Economics STUdent from Miramichi, NB ) 


Enactus STU Leadership


President Chloe York (fourth-year International Relations STUdent from Vermont, USA) 

Vice-President Ameri Suzuki (third-year Economics STUdent from Chiba, Japan) 


About Enactus STU 


Enactus STU is a group of talented and motivated STUdents from all disciplines striving to make a difference in their community through entrepreneurial action. Enactus aims to provide an experiential learning platform for students in an entrepreneurial capacity to develop projects to help advance Canada's economic, social, and environmental health.