Learning Through Failure

During your time as a university student there is a chance you will not do as well on an assignment or test as you wanted, that you that you will find taking good notes, reading, writing or studying difficult. University is different and it takes time to adjust!

 These are all skills and skills take practice, dedication and time to master. Failure, can be an excellent learning tool:

  • If you don’t receive the mark on a paper that you wanted, figure out where you went wrong
  • Read your instructor’s comments and go talk to them if you’re confused, then incorporate their suggestions into your next paper
  • Did you visit the Writing Center? These are folks with loads of experience when it comes to all things written
  • And did you give yourself enough time to write it? I guarantee you will write a better paper over five days than five hours before it’s due
  • Failure is an inevitable part of learning
  • But shift your thinking—try viewing failure as feedback on areas that you’re doing well on and areas where you could improve