Study Spaces On Campus

Finding the right study space is equally as important as how you study. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a study space:


Individual Study  

  • Find a quiet space that will allow you to focus on the task at hand
  • A space that has easy access to materials and resources
  • Try to find a space with as few distractions as possible
  • You want to be comfortable… you will work best when relaxed, but not so comfortable you fall asleep 

Group Study 

  •  Find a large enough space to facilitate group work
  • You want a space that allows for healthy discussion and debate, but…
  • Quiet enough so you don’t have a lot of interruptions or social drop-ins   


Study Spaces on Campus 

  • The Dr. Daniel O’Brien Study Hall in McCain Hall is a great place to study quietly with access to computers
  • The Harriet Irving Library offers individual and group study lounges, learning commons, reading rooms and computer labs
  • If you live in Residence there are several shared study lounges, good for either individual or group study
  • Try the Great Hall on the second floor of GMH for a more relaxed, comfy place to study individually or in a group. Grab a coffee while you’re at it
  • The OC Lounge in JDH can be a good study spot, but it is a place for social gathering as well. You may want to consider this space for group work. If you are easily distracted, this may not be the place for you   
  • If you’re in JDH and looking for a quieter space for some individual study time, try the second floor lounge (next to the Wabanaki Centre). There are a few tables and chairs set up around the corner from JDH 204 as well
  • You can grab lunch or a coffee and settle into the JDH cafeteria for some study time. Just remember this is a busier spot which tends to see a lot of traffic
  • If you are looking for a quieter space that offers access to computers, you may want to try the Rotunda on the third floor of BMH  


Computer Labs

Wireless access is available to all students in all areas on-campus. Students have access to computers in the following areas: 

- James Dunn Hall Computer Lab (JDH 2nd floor)- offers black & white, color, single-sided and double-sided printing options and contains a scanner for student copying/scanning needs  

- Dr. Daniel O’Brien Study Hall in MMH- offers black & white, single-sided printing 

- Brian Mulroney Hall Rotunda (room 318)- offers black & white, single-sided printing

- Sign-out a laptop with a valid student ID; borrowed laptops must be returned within 24 hours. Visit the I.T. Help Desk in the James Dunn Hall Computer Lab for more information 

Contact the ITS Help Desk: 452-0635