Strategic Plan


"Shared Aspirations Of Our Community"

This Strategic Plan is the result of an extensive consultation with our community. During that process, clear and positive themes emerged about the future of St. Thomas University.

St. Thomas University is a special place for those who study and work here. Our small size, strong sense of community and focus on social justice are characteristics that we want to preserve. There are many features that make us distinct in the post-secondary sector including our singular focus on undergraduate liberal arts education, the quality of our faculty, select and high-quality programs, the informal and friendly culture on campus, and the beauty and accessibility of our campus, just to name a few.

The recent celebration of our centenary was an important moment for our university — it was a time to reflect on our history and accomplishments. It was also an occasion to consider where we are going and who we want to be.

Like every university, St. Thomas University is not just an institution; it is a living body of students, scholars, administrators and stewards. It is a vibrant and diverse community of people, each with their individual goals. This strategic plan reflects the shared aspirations of our community and seeks to nurture those diverse interests which work together to form a common vision.

As we begin our second century, we will build on our existing strengths and strive to be on the leading edge of developments that enable our students and faculty to flourish. Doing so will be critical to achieving our long-term vision of being the premier liberal arts undergraduate university in Canada.

Members of the Joint Board-Senate Committee:*

Professor Dawn Russell, President and Vice-Chancellor, Committee Chair

Most Rev. Robert Harris, Chancellor
Dr. Michael Boudreau (Senate)
Mr. Craig Mazerolle (Senate)
Ms. Marie-Paule Theriault (Board)
Ms. Andrea Seymour (Board)
Dr. Robin Vose (Senate)
Ms. Dianne Wilkins (Board)
Dr. Barry Craig, Vice President, Academic and Research (Observer)
Mr. Jeffrey Carleton, Director, Communications (Observer)

*During Plan Development Period