Faculty and Staff - Student Jobs

On-campus jobs provide students with an invaluable opportunity to connect professionally with staff and faculty. They are a way for students to gain experience, references, and learn about the work we do at the university so they can improve their chances of entering graduate school or working post-graduation. See Student Employment Policy for more details. 
Campus jobs are managed through Learning in Action, STU’s career development and experiential learning platform. The job board is integrated with the Student Experience Record (SER), a tool that helps students articulate their skills to prospective employers. 
On-campus opportunities can be posted to the On-Campus Job Board on Learning in Action. This job board is open for posting year-round. 
In addition to the on-campus job board, there are a range of on-campus employment programs where faculty and staff can apply to receive funding for (JOBS Program, STUworks). Check Employment Programs on Learning in Action for seasonal availabilities. 

1. Log in to Learning in Action as a Staff/Faculty using your STU network credentials.

2. Choose one of the following options:

    • Post a new opportunity
    • Re-post a past opportunity
    • Hire a specific student for a position


Tutorial Video

How to Post an Opportunity to the On-Campus Job Board

3. Log in to Learning in Action as a Staff/Faculty using your STU credentials. 
4. Consult the Employment Programs Overview for offerings. 
5. Post an employment opportunity for review
If you have any questions about posting a job on Learning in Action, reach out to learninginaction@stu.ca  
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