Important Dates 2021-2022

Fall Term 2021

August 25 and 26: Orientation Days (compulsory)

August 30: Fall academic term starts

September 2: Course add / drop date

September 6: Labour Day - University Closed

October 1: Meeting with the Coordinator of Field Placements

October 11: Thanksgiving Day - University Closed

October 12-15: Observation Days in Schools

October 22: Monday Schedule of Classes

October 29: Fall academic term ends

November 1: First school practicum starts

December 17: School practicum ends


Winter Term 2022

January 10: Winter academic term starts

January 13: Course add / drop date

February 5*: Monday schedule of classes

February 12*: Meeting with the coordinator of field placements

February 21: Family Day - University Closed

March 4: Winter academic term ends

March 7-11: March Break

March 14: Second school practicum starts

April 29: School practicum ends

May 2-6**: Post practicum days


Spring Term 2022

May 9: Spring academic term starts

May 12: Course add / drop deadline

May 23: Victoria Day - University closed

TBA*: Graduation banquet

June 20: Spring academic term ends



July 8, 2022


*TBA/subject to change

**These are days set aside for additional practicum time & are not holidays. Please do not make bookings/holiday plans for this week until the end of your second practicum.