Nashwaak Review - Volume 22-23





Academic Freedom   Beverly Akerman
Losing Battles   Lauro Palomba
Side Effect   Tyler Enfield
Aunty Jen’s   Patti Flather
Where Two Did Gather   Susan Mersereau
My Arse   Elise Moser
A Fable of Identity   Tim Jacobs
The Fence   Jason Hinchcliffe
In an English Country Garden   Charlotte Musial
Law of Attraction   Melanie Grondin
Her Truth   Claire Rawson
The Traveler’s Song   Paul Headrick
Inchoate Shapes   Reed Stirling
Keeping Going   Teresa O’Brien
Phoenix Rising   Jerry Levy
Anna’s Remains   Kathrin Hüsler
Burdoch   Harry Johnson
Jive Willie No-Nose   Gregory Koop
The Wee One Meets The Man In The Moon   Aidan Sarah Wyatt
Getting it Done   Pauline Kaill
How Lovely Are the Feet of Them   Patricia Westerhof
Sanhattan   Rebecca Păpucaru






Three poems   Marsha Barber
One poem   Pat Leech
Two poems   Ahimsa Bodhrán
Three poems   John Bugg
One poem   Brian Burke
One poem   Tony Cosier
Two poems   Edward Dewar
One poem   Janet Fraser
One poem   Edward Gates
One poem   Julian Gobert
Two poems   Cameron MacLean
One poem   Sean Howard
One poem   Jim Johnstone
Two poems   Chad Norman
Two poems   Marilynn Rudi
One poem   Rebecca Leah Păpucaru
One poem   Lisa Shatzky
One poem   Elana Wolff
Three poems   Changming Yuan
Four poems   Glenn Hayes
Four poems   Angela Long
One poem   Gary Pierluigi
Two poems   Stewart Donovan
One poem   Bruce Driscoll




History, Philosophy and Canadian
Political Culture
  James Mellon
The Life and Times of the Thundebolt Kid   Trevor Sawler
Captain Alex MacLean: Jack London’s
Sea Wolf
  Stewart Donovan






Timothy Marsh

This is India and Reading the Flow   Angela Long
How to Cross the Street in Hanoi   Daniel Hudon
After the Smoke Settles and Madagascar   Travis Steffens
Indian Collage   Robert Lake
Proust’s Way   Jeffrey Round




Shaping Identities in the Dark: Ancestors and Subversive Genealogy   Stewart Donovan
The American Civil War as reported in the Irish National Press: A Case Study of the Growth And Infl uence of Irish and European Nationalism   Joe McFadden
Precontact and Settlement: Ingonish and Northern Cape Breton From the Paleo-Indians to the 18th Century   Ken Donovan
Rascals Enough Upon the Island: Irish Convict Transportation to Cape Breton,
  Charles Burke
Portuguese Settlement in Northeastern North America: The 1520s Fagundes
  Emily Burton
Defending Unama’ki: Mi’kmaw Resistance in Cape Breton, 1745   B.A. Balcom
Ominous Sky: The Stormy Career and Work of Marine Artist John O’Brien: 1831-1891   Dan Conlin
Marked by the State: Canada’s
Commemoration of Aboriginal History,
  A.J.B. Johnston
Scots in Mikmaki, 1870-1820   John G. Reid
Christopher Gorey   Outside Cover
Francis Back   Inside Cover