Nashwaak Review - Volume 26-27





Swerve   Scott Armstrong
The Last Time I Saw Alice   Robert Bent
Balloon Man   Laura Best
Special Occasions   Barbara Biles
The Harvesting of Malina   Bonnie Gauthier
Rain   Afiena Kamminga
A Seaside Romance Or Two   Rick Butler
Shoot the Moon   Eric Freeze
The Snows of Yesteryear   Len Gasparini
The Dictionary   Henry Harvey
Sad House   Betty Jane Hegerat
GLDN BOYZ   Tim Jacobs
After the Fall   Ivan Juretic
The Be-All and End-All   Anne Lévesque
Time Signature   Karen Lundy
March Breakup—1968   Colette Maitland
Permanent   Julie McArthur
Curbside   Fabrizio Napoleone
Burying the Lead   Lauro Palomba
Aria di Gelato   Daniel Perry
King Biscuit Boy   Thomas O’Grady
The Distance   Bradley Somer
The Old Woman on the Park Bench   Judy Stoddart
Freida   Ron Schafrick
Affirmations From A Suburban Landscape   Michele Serwatuk
Swipe   Daryl Sneath
Shadow Town   Yakos Spiliotopoulos
In the Library with Norma Jeane, June 1, 2002   J.J. Steinfeld
Kalindi   Kai Toh






One poem   Ed Balsom
Two poems   Lucile Parker
Three poems   Christopher Barnes
Four poems   Tyler Bigney
Two poems   Mark Farrell
Three poems   Tristanne Connolly
Two poems   Stewart Donovan
Three poems   Joanne Ellison
Six poems   Alyda Faber
One poem   Michael Fanshawe
Three poems   Janet Fraser
Three poems   Troy Fullerton
Three poems   Len Gasparini
One poem   Veryl Coghill
Two poems   Gillian Harding-Russell
One poem   Glenn Hayes
Five poems   Bill Howell
Two poems   Barry Dempster
Six poems   Ben Macnair
One poem   Ilona Martonfi
Two poems   Tendai Mwanaka
Two poems   Melanie Pierluigi
Five poems   Gary Pierluigi
Two poems   Karthik Rajamani
One poem   David Romanda
One poem   Tom Sheehan
Three poems   Hendrik Slegtenhorst
Two poems   Peter Richardson
Two poems   Don Russ
Three poems   Changming Yuan




Island Journeys   Tony Fabijancic
Memoirs Of A Sensei   Aidan Wyatt




Marion Bridge: From Page to Screen   Wendy Bergfeldt
Backwash, New Orleans: Katrina and
Part Way Back
  John R.O. Gery
Land & Sea & Louisbourg: 5000 Years
and Counting
  A.J.B. Johnston
Dinnertime Survivor Tale   Harvy Simkovits
Catherine Hale, the poetics of time   Kim Vose Jones
Luckier Than Suzuki   Anne Marie Beattie




Politics, Place and the Personal   Trevor Sawler
Back to the Future: Reading Marx and Newman   Stewart Donovan
Louisa Bertman   Children of the Maliseet First Nations