Nashwaak Review - Volume 32-33

Issue 32-33





Brothers   Angus MacDougall
His Horse Is Crazy   Jamie Gibbs
Pole-Cutter   Thomas O'Grady
Royal Blood   Richard Scarsbrook
Use of the Word Love   Maia Caron
L'Ingeu   D.D. West
Black Mood   Charlotte Beck
Follow the Glenbrook Trail   Morgan Duchesney
Behind the Curtain   Mickey Falcone
Such a Lovely Afternoon   Patti Flather
My Legless Love Leapt Lyrically   Robert Lake
The Hard Road   Darrell Epp
High Summer   Anne Marie Beattie
Leave-taking   Shelley Wood
The Yard Sale   Rene LaPointe
A Long Way from Yonge and Eg   Liz Johnston
The Undercantor   Jonathan Greenbaum
Ultimate Truth   Fred Kraenzel
Redneck Hippies   Paul Sonsteby
The Disappearing Act   Mary-Ellen Campbell
Campcraft   Miriam Clavir
Before the sky caught fire   John Sifton
Parents of Children   Scott Randall




Five poems   Louise Carson
One poem   Veryl Coghill
Six poems   Sean Howard
One poem   Jennifer Conrod
Two poems   Brian Burke
Six poems   Changming Yuan
Two poems   Cassidy McFadzean
Three poems   Dexine Wallbank
Two poems   Michael Meagher
Two poems   Ronald Epstein
Four poems   Louisa Howerow
Three poems   Roger Nash
Two poems   Richard Kemick
One poems   Terry Trowbridge
Three poems   Steve Meagher
One poem   Sarah Roebuck
One poem   Greg Brown
Two poems   Daniel Goodwin
One poems   Neil Sampson
Five poems   James Deahl
Two poems   W.M. Herring
One poem   Michael Power
Two poems   Elana Wolff
Three poems   Stewart Donovan




Island Journeys (2): Cres and Lošinj   Tony Fabijančić
Wider Thinking   Nick Weaver




Shaping Idenities in the Dark   Stewart Donovan




David Lodge and the Tradition of the Modern Novel   James Mellon
New Books on Canadian History - and the Old Conscription Debate   Lloyd Robertson
Poetry of Storytelling   Stewart Donovan
Reading About Rural Cape Breton   Ken Donovan
The Maze: A Thomas Pichon Novel   Trevor Sawyer
A.Y. Jackson, John Singer Sargent, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, and Wyndham Lewis