Nashwaak Review - Volume 36-37

Issue 32-33





Lockdown   Charlotte Beck
Brother   Ron Schafrick
The Garden of Vows   Jen Currin
Plawtschek Knows Himself   Josh Stenberg
from Father and Son   Joanthan Greenbaum
Dead Cats   Juned Subban
The Suicide Kids   Scott Armstrong
Tremor   Noah Cain
Muck on London Boots   Robert Lake
Me and Sir Paul   Ele Pawelski
The New York Trasures   Jane Edney Wood
Sleeping Venus   Mary Ellen Campbell
In Some Place Like Japan   Michael Meagher
The Model   Joe Davies
The Covenant   Patrick Sweeney
The Sacred Heart Window   Angus MacDougall




Four poems   Louisa Howecrow
Two poems   Marc Swan
Five poems   Chris Oke
One poem   Mona Clark
Five poems   Louise Carson
Four poems   Hendrik Slegtenhorst
Six poems   Nicholas Bradley
Four poems   Gary Beck
One poem   Stewart Donovan
Five poems   Changming Yuan
Three poems   Kenna Creer Manos
Two poems   Gillian Harding-Russell
Six poems   Sean Howard
Four poems   W.M. Herring
Three poems   Elana Wolff
Three poems   Brian Burke




Alsace Amazes   A.J.B. Johnston




Easter 1916: Colony, Nation and State   Stewart Donovan
Bookselling in a Small Town   Kenneth Dewar
To "the Ice": The Seal Hunt in Mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton 1825-1845   B.A. (Sandy) Balcom




Living in the time of Trump   Josh Steeves
Not Built for Peacetime   Stewart Donovan
The Collaboration: Hollywood's Pact with Hitler   Trevor Sawler


On the Run, War of Independence, 1921, by Sean Keating   Front Cover
The Birth of the Republic, 1916, by Walter Paget   Inside Front Cover
High Treason by Sir John Lavery (The trial of Sir Roger Casement)   Inside Back Cover
W.B. Yeats by Augustus John and Maude Gonne Sarah Purser   Back Cover