Nashwaak Review - Volume 40/41



Nightfalls Michael Serebriakov
Invertebrate Envy  Jovana Fung 
From Father and Son: Part Two Jonathan Greenbaum 
Crow’s Nest Miriam Clavir 
Eight-Ball With Dulce Martin Mielke
Escape Velocity     John Sifton 
The Cuba Connection David Frank 
Olympia Dave Gregory
Like Falling Asleep Charlotte Beck
King Rob Mike Mccaustlin
A Thousand Saturdays Lorraine Kiidumae
Storm Day Alan MacLeod
An Atheist in God’s House Scott Armstrong
Burn Slow and Catch Fire Christine Ottoni
At the Dungeon Michael J. Leeb
Coffee Cake  Valentina Gal 
Offerings Tim Prior 
Storms Andrea Marcusa
The Nuncio Angus MacDougall
The Wooden Door Tracy Biggar
Cabins Mike Pacey
4 Poems George Elliott Clarke
6 Poems Sean Howard
2 Poems Paula Kienapple Summers
5 Poems Holly Day
4 Poems Thomas O’Grady
Outside-In Ned Baeck
The Book About To Burn Alessio Zanelli
2 Poems Gary Beck
3 Poems Matthew Stranach
2 Poems David Sapp
Escape from Girl and Boy Land David Conrad
4 Poems Marc Swan
10 Poems Louise Carson
4 Poems Norma Linder
Mennonite Country In Autumn James Deahl
5 Poems W.M. Herring
3 Poems Changming Yuan
4 Poems Gillian Harding-Russell
3 Poems Tyler Haché
Home Thoughts Stewart Donovan
This Year at Marienbad, Tracking Kafka Elana Wolff  
Rue Sainte-Ursule   James Gifford  
Kennedy’s Inaugural Address: Perfect Freedom vs. Prudence Lloyd W. Robertson  
Through Sunlight and Shadows Trevor Sawler
My Past Keeps Bursting Through Stewart Donovan
Art Work
Kenneth King  Outside Front Cover 
Claire Toland  Inside Back Cover
W. H. Bartlett  Outside Back Cover