Fine Arts

Studying Fine Arts will broaden your understanding of art using a hands-on perspective while developing your aesthetic literacy.

Taught by artists and scholars, our Fine Arts courses offer students opportunities to discover and develop their creativity. Whether your interest is in music, musical theatre, film, visual arts—or all four—you will benefit from an informative, engaging, and inspiring curriculum.

  • You want to examine music, theatre, and visual arts through technical, social, and historical perspectives
  • You want to grow and develop as an artist through in-class learning and performances

Studying in the Fine Arts Department helps students develop a critical eye of their own work as well as the work of others. Students build confidence and courage by performing and sharing their work. They also build persistence and discipline by learning from their mistakes and mastering skills. In addition, they cultivate a strong knack for dealing with the unexpected and coming up with creative solutions.

Our Fine Arts courses prepare graduates to succeed in an array of fields including music, musical theatre, film, visual arts, education, public speaking, politics, advertising, design, social media, and arts management.

Fine Arts is complemented by many of the programs offered at St. Thomas that explore themes of art and culture such as English, Philosophy, History, and Anthropology, among others. Fine Arts serve as a rewarding and challenging major, second major, or minor.