Intersession and Summer Session Registration is Open

Registration is now open for Intersession (April 27 – June 18) and Summer Session (June 29 to August 7) 2020.

Current STUdents who were registered during the 2019-2020 academic year may proceed directly to the Registration Steps.

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New students must be admitted to a program of study before registering. Information on the application process is available here or by contacting the Admissions Office at 452-0532 or

Visiting students coming from another university, taking courses at St. Thomas for transfer credit back to their home institution, should, in addition to seeking admission, provide the Registrar’s Office with a letter of permission from their home institution. You will register at STU as non-degree students.

Registration Steps

1. Payment of tuition fees must be made at Financial Services (GMH 103) prior to the start of classes.

Cost (including all fees) for domestic students are as follows:
3 credit-hour course $747.00
6 credit-hour course $1494.00
International Students $1488.00 per 3 credit hours
Audit (non-credit) half fees
Note: Applicants sixty years or older are eligible for a rebate of 50% of normal tuition fees.

2. The list of course offerings is available here or by viewing on WebAdvisor.

Students can register for Intersession or Summer Session courses online using the WebAdvisor system. The term 20/I1 represents Intersession (May – June) and 20/I2 represents Summer Session (July – August). Please note the start and end dates listed on each course to determine exact course date.


Students who were not full-time during the 2019-2020 academic year may be eligible for part-time awards. For details on the Scoudouc River Continuing Education Awards for part-time students, please email the Registrar's Office at

Program Approval

All students should ensure that their choice of courses is approved for their degree or certificate program. For information on prerequisites and any other registration restrictions, please consult the online Academic Calendar and/or check with the chair of the relevant department.

Course Load

Students are limited to a maximum course load of twelve credit hours in Intersession (May - June) and twelve credit hours in Summer Session (July - August).

Changes in Registration

Students can withdraw online anytime before the start of courses. After the start of classes, students are required to notify the Registrar’s Office in writing if they withdraw from a course. No withdrawals will be accepted after 10 hours of scheduled class meetings. Partial refunds should be arranged with Financial Services. No refunds will be issued for withdrawal from courses after the deadline for academic penalty.