Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office manages the University student registration and record-keeping program, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all academic records. The office currently provides a one-stop service to students for most academic activities within the administrative or non-teaching context.



Areas of Responsibility of the Registrar's Office (some areas are shared with other departments):

  • maintenance of student information system for registered students (course registration, final grades, academic standing, and academic credentials)
  • assessment of student standing (e.g. academic probation, Dean's list), in-course awards, renewal of entrance awards, transfer credits, degree audit for graduation
  • space and timetable control for courses and examinations
  • course evaluation program
  • data collection and reports
  • secretarial support of senate
  • general academic advising

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2019 Intersession and Summer Session

2019 Intersession Course Offerings

2019 Summer Session Course Offerings


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Academic Advising

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