Michelle Lafrance






Michelle Lafrance is Professor of Psychology at St. Thomas University. Her research and teaching interests are rooted in critical, postmodern, and feminist approaches, exploring the social construction of distress and wellbeing. She has published and presented in the areas of women’s experiences of depression, self-care, leisure, and sexuality, including critical explorations of the DSM and the medicalization of women’s distress. Her most recent work explores the experiences of family caregivers of older adults, and is being conducted with the aim of informing policy and practice in New Brunswick. Her work has been recognized by the British Psychological Society, the Canadian Psychological Association, and the American Association of Women in Psychology.  She is a founding member of the Critical Psychology Network - Canada and an executive member of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology. She was also the winner of the Dr. John McKendy Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2013 and the Dr. Sheila Andrew Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2006.