Facilities Management

Facilities Management reports to the Vice President (Finance and Administration) and its primary responsibilities include providing strategic direction and leadership for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the university’s physical facilities. The Department oversees the delivery of related services (internal or contracted), including grounds maintenance, parking, mail services, custodial services, and purchasing.

Dorm Burn Video

The Fredericton Fire Department, University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University and the New Brunswick Community College joined forces for a very important fire safety educational activity. Fire is a serious concern for the campus community, as well as the greater Fredericton Community, and homes are where citizens and students are most vulnerable. In fact, more than 80 percent of all fire deaths occur at home. To help students and residents understand how dangerous home fires are and to inform them of the steps they can take to stay safer, this dramatic side-by-side fire and sprinkler burn demonstration took place at the Fredericton Campus of the University of New Brunswick.

Watch - http://bit.ly/1tpSwRO

Emergency Protocol
Emergency Procedures Booklet

STU Environmental Policy
Terms of Reference

Wireless Communication Devices (Cell and Smart Phones)



  • Plans and executes preventative and deferred maintenance on campus structures, grounds and equipment
  • Supervises the unit’s maintenance crew
  • Plans and supervises work by contracted services (i.e., custodial services)
  • Operates the MPC (Work Order) System (as it relates to the computerized maintenance module associated with UNB Physical Plant)


  • Acts as the university’s central purchasing unit for equipment, supplies, major repairs, capital expenditures and other items
  • Prepares the annual budget
  • Operates the Datatel Systems (as it relates to budget and purchasing in cooperation with the Financial Services Department)
  • Maintains an office supply stores (inventory)

Mail Services

  • Acts as a mail service for the University. Activities include: reception and distribution of inbound mail and central parcel pick up for items arriving via courier service (University and residences). University related outbound mail is collected, postage attached, coded and shipped


  • Coordinates security issues with the UNB Security unit (security patrols, back up etc.)
  • Coordinates security issues with the St. Thomas campus/student security (parking, general security)
  • Participates in the Development of policies and regulations relating to Work Place Health and Safety initiatives
  • Participates in the development of policies and regulations relating to emergency protocols
  • Maintains the central key depot for the University

St.Thomas Parking Regulations
Parking Map 2020-2021

Space Utilization

  • Advises the administration on the effective use of space on campus

Special Projects

  • Assists with spring and summer convocations
  • Cooperates/collaborates with other departments as required

Contact Information

Philip Cliff, Director
Email: pcliff@stu.ca

Dave Dunbar, Facilities Supervisor
E-mail: ddunbar@stu.ca
Phone: 452-0407

Ferne Stewart, Office Coordinator/Purchaser
Email: fstewart@stu.ca

Dean Little, Labourer
E-mail: dlittle@stu.ca

Evan Banks, Labourer
E-mail: ebanks@stu.ca


Facilities Management
Edmund Casey Hall Room 18
51 Dineen Drive
Fredericton, NB, E3B 5G3
Phone: 506-452-0606
Fax: 506-450-9615