Indigenous Film Festival: Short Films from Maritime Indigenous Filmmakers

January 31, 2020
Indigenous Film Festival: Short Films from Maritime Indigenous Filmmakers


7:00 PM 

An evening of short films from Maritime Indigenous Filmmakers:

Natasha Francis
A Prayer for the Lost
Two spirits—a young woman and a child—communicate to one another about the stories of their demise. Confused and lost, they long for the family they left behind.

Kennlin Barlow
An anti-narrative surrounding the events of a dying woman, which is shown slowly through caesura of time.

A non-narrative short film

Gop Bartibogue 
(films to be determined)

Lisa Jodoin
Tracing Blood
When Maria falls asleep while trying to find a connection to her estranged family, a mysterious figure appears to her and leads her on a surreal journey that is full of surprises and unexpected lessons. In this experimental film-made debut, Tracing Blood tells the story of one woman’s search for family and the deep-rooted connectedness that she finds instead.

Anishkutapeu is a short documentary that explores the connection between land and archives in the Innu community of Uashat in Sept-Îles, Quebec. A source of well-being, traditional knowledge, and identity, land and familial territories are an essential part of what it means to be Innu.


Logan Perley
Revitalizing the Wolastoqey language
Like many Indigenous people in his generation, CBC documentary filmmaker Logan Perley is not a fluent speaker of his traditional language. He explores what needs to be done to improve the situation and to keep his language alive.


MasksBaskets; Quill Art; and Drums
Four short films that explore different arts of Wabanaki people across the Maritimes


The Indigenous Film Festival is a three-day event hosted by the Senate Committee on Reconciliation. Click HERE to see the full festival schedule.